What is Bump Bot Discord- Details of Discord Bump

What is Bump Bot Discord- Details of Discord Bump

With the increase in discord use, so many servers are available nowadays. So how do you get people to connect with your server? Well, the simple solution for this problem is a discord bump.

Discord bump helps you to grow your discord server. This feature is present on disboard.org, which keeps your discord server at the top of the list for a specific time. It will appear on the server list for 24 hours.

Due to exposure on top of the list, many people will see your server for the first time, and you will get new members. Note that the disboard does not control by discord. However, disboard is a reliable website that helps users to grow their discord servers.

Setting up a discord bump bot

If you want to set up a bump bot. Here I have explained how you can add a bump bot discord. You can follow these most straightforward steps:

  1. First of all, open disboard.org and click the login option.
  2. Allow the website to have access to your account.
  3. Click “Add server” and select the server you want to add to the website.
  4. Fill out all your server details and then select save, which is at the bottom of the website.
  5. Now allow the disboard bot to have access to your discord account.
  6. An automated message will be sent to your account by the disboard bot.
  7. After receiving the message (!d bump), your server will automatically bump.


Tags are essential to help grow your server. It allows people to find your server and brings new users. For example, if your discord server is about technology, you can add the technology tags.

Strong tags will help your server appear in a list when people search with technology keywords. But you have to ensure you don’t use generic tags. If you will use strong keywords after research, then it helps people to reach your server.


The description of your server plays a vital role in growing your server. It will help people to get an idea of what your server is about. It is suggested to use strong and good keywords for an accurate description. You can add things that you are offering through your server. Make it more appealing so that it can draw the potential of people.


It is not very necessary if you are setting up a review page. But if you ask your followers for a few comments, then it is not a bad deal.

Good reviews help your server to grow. All the excellent reviews help your server’s rating. Also, avoid using bots to create positive or good reviews on your server, as it is quite easy to judge that it’s fake.

Auto bump bot discord

It is the best method if you want to get any new updates by setting a discord on auto mode. The auto bump bot discord feature will help you never to miss a bump.

You can use carl’s bot to auto-update the discord. It automatically sends messages to you on your discord. Many bots are available that send automated messages, so it doesn’t matter which one you are using. 

If you want to set up auto bumping on discord, we suggest you set the duration between each message to two hours. If the bot sends the bump messages very shortly, then there are chances it gets blocked by discord. To avoid this, you can set up the right time duration.

How Often Can You Bump On Discord?

You can bump on discord after every two hours. If you try to bump a server before two hours, you will receive a message on your conflict to wait for some time before you can bump to the server again.

It’s also important to note that if you add a lot of servers to your discord and your drive is already using a particular server. Then it’s against the terms of discord. So you have to wait for two hours and end up staying to connect with your server again.

What is Bump Bot Discord- Details of discord bump
What is Bump Bot Discord- Details of discord bump

Take away

Discord bump is an excellent feature to increase public traffic on your server. It is simple and easy to use and doesn’t cost a penny. It is free of cost. Yes, you can use bump bot discord for free.

You can also utilize the auto bump mode to increase the number of members and keep your server at the top of the list than others.

What is Bump Bot Discord- Details of Discord Bump

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