Short Sightedness Myopia

Short sightedness is an eye condition that causes one to see distant objects blurred. This condition is also known as myopia.

If you face this eye condition, then you may have myopia. Short Sightedness usually appears in childhood. But there is no need to worry a lot.

People can achieve good vision and can cure myopia with perception glasses, laser surgery, or contact lenses.

 Short Sightedness Myopia
Short Sightedness Myopia

What does it mean to be short-sighted?

If you are facing myopia, you will see distant objects blurred. Sometimes it is disturbing that other people can see foreign objects more clearly than you.

In children, it shows up like having difficulty in reading class boards or Irritability while playing outside. They will show up in this condition by sitting close to the television to watch clear pictures.

If you find out this condition in your child, then you can visit a doctor for an eye test of your children. It helps you to get the idea about whether they have short-eye sightedness or not.

Symptoms of short sightedness-myopia

Different symptoms occur due to myopia.

  • A blurry vision of distant objects
  • Headaches due to eyestrain
  • Difficulty in seeing while driving, usually at night
  • Blink excessively
  • Rubbing eyes frequently

What causes short-sightedness?

The cause of short-eye sightedness is unknown, but studies and research suggest that it may be genetic.

Genetic factor

This eye disease runs in families. If your family members have this problem, you may have developed this eye condition.

  • In this condition, the front surface of the eye( cornea) curves too steeply, or the eyeball gets too long.
  • It causes the entering light in the eye not to focus on the retina. Instead, concentrating in front of the retina causes images to appear blurry.

Environmental factor

Environmental factors are also a cause I’d short eye Sightedness. When a person spends a lot of time focusing on the nearest objects may have a greater chance of developing myopia.


Prolong screen time, reading, watching, and lack of outdoor activities in natural light cause short eye sightedness (myopia)

Complications of short Sightedness

Adults and children face myopia differently. The conditions vary from mild to severe.

In adults

Some adults with short-sightedness likely to develop

Detached retina

This condition needs to be cured urgently to prevent losing sight.


 It increases pressure inside the eye


it creates cloudy patches inside the eye

In children

 Short Sightedness Myopia

Young children with myopia are more likely to develop the conditions on a severe level.

It includes

A lazy eye

In lazy eye condition, your sight in one eye does not develop properly.

A squint

In this condition, eyes point in different directions

How to stop short-sightedness from getting worse?

It is hard to prevent short-sightedness. But you can follow certain things to stop it from getting worse. You can try these methods to stop it from getting worse.

  • Wearing multifocal and bifocal contact lenses.
  • Spending time in outdoor activities
  • Orthokeratology is a unique lens. Opticians also suggest wearing these lenses.

Treatments for short-sightedness

When short-sightedness or myopia is not on a severe level, it can treat with contact lenses or glasses. The glasses and contact lenses help your eyes to focus correctly. It helps you see distant objects more clearly.

  • Children and adults can both use glasses
  • Adults are more comfortable with contact lenses

Permanent treatment

The optician recommends the best options to treat myopia through laser surgery. It will also help with the cost of contact lenses and glasses.

Laser eye surgery

in adults, laser surgery can be used to improve short-sightedness. There are two different types of surgeries that an optician follows up on.

  • Lense surgery can be used to replace the lenses of the eyes with artificial lenses. This surgery is more expensive than laser surgery.
  • On the other hand, laser surgery is used to reshape the front of the eye


If you are short-sighted, you find it difficult to see distant objects. Typically it usually starts in childhood. If you need immediate treatment, you can wear glasses and contact lenses.

But if you want permanent treatment, you can go for two types of surgery: lens surgery and laser surgery. I hope this post helps you throughout in a better understanding of this eye condition.

Short Sightedness Myopia

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