New iPhone 14 Update New iPhone Rumors

New iPhone 14 Update New iPhone Rumors

If you are looking for iPhone 14 updates, then you are in the right place! The new Apple iPhone 14 doesn’t look new at first glance. This iPhone is much identical to the previous version, like iPhone 13, including the notch and the chip.

iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 plus get all the cool new stuff, including the dynamic island and iOS 16 and always on display feature.

Other features of the iPhone 14 include good battery life, better camera quality that delivers low-light performance, and a faster and brighter camera with auto focus. We have shared some latest updates for iPhone 14. So, let’s get started!

Latest updates for iPhone 14

New iPhone 14 Update New iPhone Rumors,
New iPhone 14 Update New iPhone Rumors


The iPhone 14 pricing starts at $799 for 128GB of storage. On the other hand, for iPhone 14 plus costs $899 for 128GB of storage.


Apple has open pre-orders that began on Friday, 9 September

Launch Date

Apple is launching iPhone 14 on Friday and on the 16th of September

They will probably launch iPhone 14 plus on Friday and the 7th of October.


The design of the iPhone 14 is identical to the iPhone 13, and there is no design update for iPhone 14. The cones with sane flat-sided design with squared edges that apple used for previous year’s iPhones.


The new iPhone 14 measures 6m1 inches, while the late screens iPhone 14 plus might measure 6.7 inches.

It will be the same size as the iPhone 14 pro max.


For many years apple has brought a range of bright colors for its phones. The new ipohonev14 model came in purple, starlight, midnight, blue, and red colors.

Software updates

The iPhone 14 has a software update of iOS 16. Apple’s iOS 16 update was released on September 12, 2022, which you will easily install in iPhone 14 and the upcoming iPhone 14 plus.

Features of iOS 16

• Focus filters and live activities

• Widgets and lick screen customization

• iCloud shared photo library

• visual look up, live text

• Shared Tab groups and passkeys

• Updates for mail, health, messages, wallet, maps, and many more

New iPhone 14 Update New iPhone Rumors
New iPhone 14 Update New iPhone Rumors

New iPhone Rumors

The rumored iPhone 14 will appear at Apple’s Far out event. This post will share allthe hustle and bustle about the iPhone 14 we get to know.

People worldwide have been waiting for this iPhone and expecting it to be the best version of Apple. We won’t have conclusive answers until the big statement by Apple, but we expect rumors to bring exactly new features.

Here are the answers to a list of new iphone rumors. And one best things we expect after the new iPhone launch is a new apple watch SE.

How large will the screen be?

Since the previous line-up of apple phones, the size was the same 6.1- inches for the base models. And they were going up to 6.7 for pro max. According to the Asian review report, they will stick with their previous sizes this time.

Due to the slow sales of the iPhone 12 mini, Apple would also stick to a small phone in 2022. So we can say that the next iPhone size will also remain the same. The display bezel for pro max is also rumored to be 20% smaller than the previous iPhone generation.

Will there still be four phones?

We didn’t get much about iPhone 14, but we heard that apple’s next lineup would be the nix Mini and they will probably focus on the larger phone instead.

Rumors suggest there will also be a small shift in the name of the iPhone. It will be like iPhone 14 to iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Max, or iPhone Pro Max.

iPhone 14 color rumors?

There are no true color options known for iPhone 14, but according to rumors, except for the pale gold color, there are chances for apple to bring solid and different colors.

Rumored iPhone 14 features and specs?

Here we have shared some more information that we get to know about the upcoming iPhone 14.

Better battery life

Apple’s 2022 iPhone might offer better battery life. In the lineup of iPhone 14, a large battery capacity will contribute to better battery life.

The standard iPhone 14 has a 3,279-mAh battery, while the iPhone 14 Pro max is expected to support a 4,323-mAh battery.

Always-on lock screen option

An always mode for lock screen feature may be exclusive to the high-end iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro max.

 5G connectivity

From the lineup of iPhone 12 and iPhone 13, apple also added 5G connectivity In iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Pro max.

WiFi adoption 6E

iPhone 14 might be equipped with 6E WiFi adoption. Apple also rumored VR headsets to have WiFi 6E feature.

120 HZ promotion display

Apple could include the apple promotion display in the iPhone 13 pro and pro max variants. As promotion increases, the screen refresh rate for smooth performance.

The level varies but gets smoother up to 120HZ. It also assumes that apple with continue to extend promotion displays to its pro models.

A16 chip

The assumption was that apple would upgrade the iphone series would upgrade the iPhone 14 series on the A16 chip by improving the  A15 chip in previous apple versions. The A16 chip will appear in the iPhone 14 pro, pro max.

But rumors can be false also about the upcoming iPhone series.


Apple has brought amazing smartphones for years. No doubt iPhone 14 represents it. It shows duality as something similar to its antecedents and also being new.

Many camera updates and the dynamic island in iPhone 14 renew the infamous notch debut on iPhone. From its picket, we can conclude that the iPhone 14 can cater to amazing features and camera upgrades, making it bearable.

With the iOS 16 updates, iPhone 14 has come with more fast upgrades. We have shared them too. Just make sure to have all your inquiries clear before you get yours!

New iPhone 14 Update New iPhone Rumors,

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