How to get Healthier Lungs?

How to get Healthier Lungs?

7 ways to Keep your Lungs Healthier

Lungs play an essential role in keeping us healthy. We usually take their importance for granted, but we realise it when we feel problems in breathing. Lungs need maintenance like any other part of the body.

Do you know your lungs also age with time? They lose their flexibility as you age and make it hard for you to breathe sometimes.  As they are one of the body’s organs, their low maintenance does not allow them to perform their function correctly. So, you must take proper care of your lungs.

If you think about your lung health, it’s time to adopt some good habits. Here I have mentioned 7 ways to keep your lungs healthier.

How to get Healthier Lungs?
How to get Healthier Lungs?

7 ways to keep your lungs Healthier

To achieve optimal lung health, you must follow these seven ways to make your lungs healthier.

1. Make sure to do exercises

Exercise not only keeps your body in shape but also keeps your lungs in shape too. Do you know that when you exercise, your heart beats faster, and your lungs work harder?

  • Aerobic exercises can help you perform the best workout for your lungs.

These exercises allow the rib muscle to contract and expand, and not only this, but it also helps your lungs work quickly to exchange oxygen for carbon dioxide.

2. Stop smoking

Everyone knows smoking is harmful to health. Unfortunately, people addicted to smoking have higher chances of developing lung cancer, Asthma, and many other diseases.

According to research by CDC in the U.S., more than ten times more people have died prematurely from cigarette smoking than have died in the wars fought by the U.S. in history.

If you want to get Healthier Lungs, you need to stop smoking. It will not only help your lungs, but it will help your body’s health.

3. Prevent infections

Infections are the initiators of any disease, but they can cause severe effects on human health. For lungs, they are also dangerous.

To avoid any lung infection, take proper care of your hygiene as much as possible. Try to add a healthy diet, including fresh fruits and vegetables. It will help to boost your immunity.

Don’t forget to get your vaccinations. You can get pneumonia and flu vaccination every year. It is the simplest method to avoid the lungs or any other diseases.

4. Maintaining your posture

Lungs are the soft organs. They only take the room in the body that you provide them. Maintaining your body posture is recommended, so your lungs have enough space to function correctly.

You can use this simple technique. Lean back slightly in a stable chair, lift your chest, and breathe deeply. Interestingly, you can achieve good lung health by adopting this simple habit.

5. Avoid pollutants exposure

Nowadays, it is difficult to avoid exposure to pollutants. But everyone must save their body from this damage. Pollutants cause damage to the lungs and increase the factor of ageing.

To protect your lungs, you need to keep check that

  • You should avoid doing exercise near heavy traffic
  • Avoid going outside during the peak time of pollution, for example, during the smog period.
  • If your workplace is exposed to pollutants, ensure that you take all the safety precautions to avoid lung disease.

6. Stay Hydrated

You can get Healthier Lungs by getting enough water. Staying hydrated is essential for the lungs and the rest of your body.

Taking liquids throughout the day makes the mucosal linings of the lungs thin, which helps the lungs to function better. It also benefits forgetting body parts. For example

  • Hydration regulates body temperature
  • It gives enough lubrication to your joints

7. Deep breathing

Deep breathing helps to clear your lungs for the proper exchange of oxygen. If you take short breaths and then your lungs don’t work correctly. To avoid this, you can use the technique of deep breathing.

Breathing exercises make your lungs work more efficiently. You can use different deep breathing methods.

For example, you can also use this method. Sit in a peaceful corner of your house or anywhere you feel relaxed, then start taking deep breaths and repeat it many times. You will feel comfortable and less stressed.

Take away

People usually ask how to get healthier lungs.  There are several good habits that you can adopt to obtain optimal health for your lungs. Here I’ve mentioned seven ways to keep your lungs healthier. You just need to focus and practice these fantastic ways to achieve lung health.

How to get Healthier Lungs?

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