Being a Good Parent, How to Become a Good Parent ?

Today we are going to explain Being a good parent How to become a Good Parent? So lets start, Never argue with the child because the discussion is only between peers. Do not put yourself down or expect the child to come to your level. Always let the child ask questions and Answer the question as best you can. Even if you can’t, don’t scold him.

Education of a child is the responsibility of men and women and educational institutions. This thought has flourished in our society to a dangerous extent. Fortunately, educating children is not as difficult as it was ten or fifteen years ago. The awareness of parents about education has increased many times, so every conscious person tries to get their child educated from any institution so that their child can live a respectable life in this society. That is a happy change, but the unfortunate thing is that both the educators and the imparters are completely unaware that education without training is like wearing new clothes but not new ideas own coins

Being a good parent, How to become a Good Parent
Being a good parent, How to become a Good Parent

You bought a car but never learned to drive it from a teacher.

Undoubtedly, it is the responsibility of educational institutions to educate children as well as train them to make their education effective in the true sense and bring innovation in their thinking, but at the same time, this responsibility is also the responsibility of parents. It is also incumbent upon them to benefit their children from their experiences and observations about life so that they achieve success in every field of life.

The education of a gifted child begins before it enters the world, which is practiced in many developed countries. For example, in Japan, the age of a child includes the nine months that he spends in his mother’s womb.

According to a study, a child takes 80% of its nature from its mother. Mother’s thoughts, mother’s habits and fluctuations of mother’s emotions during these nine months determine the child’s mood and all these things depend on the treatment that is done with this mother during that time.

Woman’s thoughts are guarded by her husband and her in-laws, so the behavior of more than one person affects the child’s mood. Although it is not easy to control it completely while living in a joint family, but efforts can be made to keep the woman mentally at ease and try to treat her well.

This effort can be the first stone of the foundation that you will lay in the training of your child. We have a joint family system which has its advantages and disadvantages. Here neither boy and girl can separate immediately after marriage nor do they have such an option so stop thinking about where you don’t have the option and accept the current situation and solve the problems that are there. I start thinking.

The education of children and the life of husband and wife are two important points which are worthy of discussion. Our focus here is the training of shocked children, so we will talk about that. First of all, the husband and wife have to understand that whatever the circumstances, their mutual behavior has a profound effect on the education of the child, so both of you need great patience and tolerance.

Interference with parents, uncles and aunts is a natural process. Does not go to If you say something to your parents, they will be rude and they will get angry, if you stop uncle, your brother will get angry because he can’t understand your position yet, if you say something to aunt, your sister will get angry. But the matter will come back to the parents and in the end if they scold the child after getting fed up with all their actions, then the child will start feeling hatred.

Now the issue is that you have to maintain the relationship and also teach your child. There are some rules for this, which I will explain later. The first rule: You should not show any reaction to the child’s actions and the family’s reaction, grandfather, grandmother) in his reaction say something angrily or kill him, then the child’s parents make this reaction their own reaction in the character of their parents.

In this way, there is double pressure on the child and his personality is affected, so immediately take the child to the separation and explain to him lovingly that whatever the elders say, you should not discriminate. If the child understands your words with love, then it is better, otherwise, explain it harshly.

Do not kill, but show the fear of being killed. You will have to repeat this exercise again and again so that the child can be convinced that relationships are also important for us. The second condition of the same principle is the interaction of the child and the family in the absence of the parents. In this too, it is important to explain to the child that he should immediately come to his room without saying anything and leave the place where everyone is sitting. Remember during this exercise that if you do not respect your family, your child will never respect them and if you always scold the children, the child will not respect you, suffer from inferiority complex. He will go and seek shelter outside the house. Second rule: Never argue with the child because the argument is only between the same age or peer. Do not put yourself down and do not expect the child to come to your level.

Being a good parent, How to become a Good Parent ?
Being a good parent, How to become a Good Parent ?

Always let the child ask questions and answer his questions to the best of his ability. Encourage the child to ask you a question so that you can give him a thought. What usually happens with us is that the child is immediately reprimanded or silenced. By doing this, many questions arise in the child’s mind and he tries to get the answers from outside which are correct. There is no guarantee.

Rule #3: Have a bedtime meeting with the kids every night or at least three times a week before going to bed and take turns listening to the mother and the kids throughout the day. spend and their behavior.

How is it with your mother and family? If they have done something wrong, reprimand them and give them a warning that this should not happen in the future, otherwise they will be punished. The fourth principle: Respect your parents with all your heart and give them respect so that children do not misbehave with them.

We can only politely request our elders to use a gentle tone when stopping or teasing children or explaining to them so that the child’s reaction is minimal, but this is not repeated and this is only from the parents. A son can say no to a daughter-in-law.

Fifth principle: Your behavior towards your partner (no matter what kind) plays a very important role in the upbringing of children. The more you respect him, the more children will respect their mother. If you abuse her, beat her, then the children will make this attitude a part of their life and if given the opportunity, they will treat the woman as they have seen their mother and father.

If you are always frivolous with your wife, then the effect of your speech on the children will be less because the children will start to consider you as a non-serious person. Mother and father are the idols of children, so it is very necessary that we use our serious and non-serious feelings in front of them very carefully.

Sixth rule: Never talk about home in front of children. Gossip is common among us, but if God cannot avoid it, then do not do it in front of children. Never express your negative feelings about the employees of the house, neighbors and relatives in front of the children.

Being a good parent, How to become a Good Parent ?

This transfers that negativity to the children. When speaking in front of children, choose your tone and words carefully because your words and your tone will be present in the language and mood of the children tomorrow. Seventh rule: If there is any guest in the house, never express your loudness or harshness in front of the children, otherwise tomorrow they too will consider the guests as trouble and will not respect any guest. Make him realize that guests are the mercy of Allah. You can give this feeling only when you have it.

Eighth Rule: Tell the mother of the children what things the children need to be reprimanded and what the home is important for. It is the responsibility of both the mother and the father to strictly follow the instructions given to the children. When you don’t follow any instructions and ignore it saying it will be fine later.

Holy shit, he will never get well and will always ignore your words. Sometimes, while the mother or father forbids, the grandparent speaks, then without saying anything, take the child apart and stop him from doing what he is doing or going to do, and later tell the grandparent. Let it be said that it is necessary to stop it otherwise it will deteriorate.

Let me say one more thing here that there is a difference in the nature of a son and a daughter, but we also make such a difference in their training that sometimes it takes the whole life to erase this difference. In extreme emotions, sometimes we give too much credit to our sons and sometimes pamper our daughters unnecessarily.

Being a good parent, How to become a Good Parent ?

We also have to learn to control our emotions. We have to learn where to support the son and where to pamper the daughter. There is a difference between the feelings of a son and a daughter. The same principles cannot always be applied to both, so we should patiently analyze them and move towards its solution. We can never explain anything to children through anger.

Anger should only be done for what we feel should not have happened, Gentleman, I have tried my best to highlight the issues related to the education of children in daily life and to suggest appropriate solutions for them. There is always room for improvement, so if there is any point that I have not covered, I welcome any questions you may have. A counseling group has also been started.

Where only parents can enter their questions for the betterment of their lives and the lives of their children. They are the mirror of our personality. If we are not able to give birth to children and educate them, then there is no point in life.

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